Everest Group report | Embrace workforce agility with internal talent mobility.

Embrace workforce agility with internal talent mobility.

In the midst of ongoing economic uncertainty, rampant layoffs, and growing talent scarcity — as well as changing employee expectations — more companies find that a robust internal talent mobility program can help address business challenges and achieve much-needed business agility.

For employees, it can facilitate career growth, foster learning and skilling, and help them reach their potential. Meanwhile, your organisation can unlock access to high-demand skills, reduce recruiting costs, and enhance equity at work.

While the benefits of such programs are clear, how can you implement the right mobility strategy?

This report covers:

1. Key talent challenges that different stakeholders face

Organisations need to address talent acquisition and talent management challenges to sustain operations and prevent disruptions.

2. The foundational elements and benefits of internal talent mobility

Insights and graphs outlining key aspects of internal talent mobility, three solution approaches, and common pitfalls in internal mobility.

3. Ways to maximize return through an integrated approach

Helping employees tap into their best potential with a comprehensive approach, while providing adequate support and professional expertise. It also allows leaders to drive greater adoption, and gearing the organisation towards a culture of mobility.

4. A step-by-step roadmap to implement an effective internal mobility program

A roadmap that can help increase adoption and drive change across organisations. An effective internal mobility program should be a uniquely tailored process for each enterprise.

Download Everest Group’s new report, “Internal Talent Mobility: Driving Adoption and Culture Change in Organisations through Coaching and Technology,” to learn how you can develop an effective talent mobility program that empowers individual team members while equipping your company with the skills needed to weather any future challenges.

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