Recruitment | Your guide to assessing talent digitally

Your guide to assessing talent digitally

What makes you select one candidate over another?

Hiring is a sequence of steps to narrow down the number of candidates until the final choice, which is based on a series of assessments. How can you make this choice more objective? How do you better detect soft skills and ensure that your candidates have the right hard skills? What digital tools should you use? The answers are in our handy new guide.

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#1. Hiring would be nothing without assessment 

In the end, isn't hiring a science? Mathematically, it’s the solution to a complex equation with four unknown variables: The right person, for the right job, with the right skills at the right time. In terms of social science, it’s the delicate balance for recruiters between objective judgment and carefully identifying the candidates’ soft skills, while countering cognitive biases that could interfere with the decision-making process. One of the keys to this equation and balance is a good assessment.

#2. Digitalization to address issues with assessments

For each type of skill to be assessed in a potential hire, there is an obstacle to overcome. When it comes to assessing technical skills, the outsourced tests that are used are often expensive and must be done in-person, while in-house tests don't offer automated results and can become time-consuming for HR teams. So how do you make skill assessment more effective?

To assess technical skills, reliable standardized tests using digital tools allow you to customize the questions and automate the results, ensure that all candidates are assessed and graded on the same basis, and save recruiters precious time.

When it comes to assessing behavioral skills, the exercise is complicated, because it often requires that the candidate be allowed to express who they are. With the advent of soft skills, detecting them as early as possible in the hiring process helps to avoid time-wasting and nasty surprises during an interview. How do you detect these skills during the preselection step?

Digitalizing the preselection step with video enables the candidates to introduce themselves beyond their résumés and highlight their personality and what drives them. They carry out the exercise when and where they want. The videos can therefore be shared with managers for a truly collaborative assessment.  

#3. What are the three keys to talent assessment?

A good assessment relies on accurate knowledge of the assessment methods and tools. To make it work, we've prepared a practical guide to interpreting the three keys listed below, so you can understand why digital solutions can help you handle this difficult task. 

  • Get to know yourself better as a recruiter: Know and be aware of the biases that could hinder your judgment so you can attempt to assess candidates as objectively as possible

  • Get to know your candidates better: Allow candidates to reveal themselves through more than just a résumé, and identify the soft skills that matter to you so you can detect them during the hiring process

  • Get to know digital solutions that will enable you to address the previously mentioned assessment issues that could arise during the hiring process. 

Download our guide on how to digital talent assessments: learn all about biases, soft skills, and digital solutions

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