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Tips for brilliant onboarding

Onboarding is an important part of an employee’s work journey. A bad onboarding could set the wrong tone moving forward, and put strain on the relationship a person has with their new organisation.

All too often new starters are brought in, and are left to muddle through their first few weeks with little help. This can result in new employees feeling disengaged and questioning if they’ve made a big mistake in taking the job.

Good onboarding however can get staff up and running quickly and give them a great first impression of the company. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips for onboarding staff.
Ensuring your new starter has everything they need.

When your new employee starts their first day, be this in a work place or from home, you need to ensure they have all the equipment they need to start working straight away. If they are waiting around for their laptop to be set up, their password to be sent to them or a uniform to be provided, this could set a really bad first impression of your organisation.

If they are coming into a work place, make sure their manager or a senior team member is waiting to meet them, show them to their work space, and get them up and running smoothly. If the new starter is spending their first day working remotely, send them everything they will need at least a few days in advance, and set up a call with any necessary colleagues (such or IT or HR) to talk them through the process for starting on their first day.

Getting them up and running on all necessary systems

Do your employees need to log into emails? Clock in and out for their shifts? Access online portals? If so it’s best to get them familiar with these systems right from day one! That way they can start familiarising themselves with processes right away.

Paul Romeril, new recent starter at Amthal Fire and Security (Clear Review users) comments.

‘The thing that really blew me away right from day one at Amthal, is that they really had all their ducks in a row. As well as being welcoming they were also very professional, and got me up and running with all the relevant processes and systems straight away. This included Advanced Clear Review, on which I was set up on my first day, which meant I could start learning how to use the system without delay.’ Paul Romeril, Strategic Account Manager, Amthal Fire and Security.

Start setting short term goals

Once the basics are dealt with it’s a great idea to set your new starter short term goals right in those first few days. These goals should be relatively simple and shouldn’t take long to complete, they could include familiarising themselves with company policies, or putting in a meeting with certain members of their team.

Rather than having your new starters wondering what they’re supposed to be filling their days with, make it easy for them. Setting out goals with clear actions that can be completed in the first few days means your employee will be busy, productive, and not worried they’re doing the wrong thing.

Get them introduced to their co-workers

One goal you can set for new starters is to introduce themselves to the other members of staff they’ll be working with, and familiarise themselves with what they do within the organisation. By doing this, your new starters will know who they can go to with specific questions, rather than always needing to go to their manager, and can start building those all-important co-worker relationships.

Once the new starter has been introduced to their new co-workers, they can begin to give and receive feedback. Feedback is a great way to build team relationships and improve an employee’s performance.

Benefits of Advanced Clear Review during onboarding

Starting with Amthal was Paul’s first experience using a performance platform during an onboarding process, he told us how he’s found using the system so far.

‘The system was so simple to use, I’m not as tech savvy as some of the younger people in my team, but it wasn’t an issue and I needed minimal training to get up and running on Advanced Clear Review. Using the system right from the start meant it became an embedded behaviour, I don’t even think about it now, I interact with it daily, as I do my emails!

What I really liked was how the tool was presented to me, as one of positivity. It wasn’t something I was being forced to use, but something that would help me in my day to day work and allow me to better connect with my team members.’

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