WFH | Engaging your young talent while remote working

Engaging your young talent while remote working

“What’s the one thing you want your boss to know when it comes to managing you during this time?

That’s the question we asked the Careercake community to understand what could help support them and help things get back to business as usual, or at least as close to it.

This community comprises 20/30 year olds - they’re ambitious, they’re keen to make the most of their time at your business, even though they’re prone to ruffling some feathers with the different generation of workers you support. We’re lucky to have this insight, thanks to the talent development content we release to support their unique career experiences.

The thing is - and what they want you to know is - they’re the ones still suffering from imposter syndrome. They’re the ones who were gearing up for a promotion - only to be told it’s on pause; they’re the ones who were plucking up the courage to run that first meeting.

Remote working doesn’t remove these challenges facing them.

But you’ve got to keep the momentum going.

Your talent development depends on it; your talent pipeline needs it.

And, let’s be honest, it’s especially important in today’s climate to show them how you are supporting them, as businesses show their people what they really stand for, and employees see their organisation’s true colours.

So here goes. Here’s what they want you to know - in their words - to help support your engagement programmes.

1) In times when it’s tough, people can surprise you

“We get it’s really stressful at the moment, but you don’t need to hide all the negative stuff. If you can, share with us what you’re going through, we work really well as a team in the physical office, why should this be any different?”

2) Check-in with me, but look for signals

“When you do ask me how I am doing, listen to the answer; please look at the subtlety of my facial expressions or body language. There’s a chance I’m trying to communicate something I don’t feel 100% comfortable sharing with the rest of the team on Zoom”

3) ...but don’t micromanage me

“Please don’t get me to check in with you every other minute. I’ve got a lot competing for my attention, I might be a bit quiet at times, but know I am trying my best. Trust me to do my job”

4) Give me clarity.

“Remove any ambiguity, show me what you want success to look like, that way I’ll have a clear path to follow. Then, can we revise it to see if it’s achievable?”

5) I know I’m not being 100% productive - and I feel guilty about it.

“I’m still getting used to working from home. I don’t realise it yet, but my stress levels are up; I am finding it difficult to sleep. I’m fast losing interest in checking Twitter, my attention span keeps dipping.

“I’m also really worried about losing my job. I hadn’t developed the resilience needed to get over this set of challenges. I’ll get there but give me the psychological space to make mistakes. I will bounce back”

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