Video Series | Empathetic vs transactional leadership


The pandemic has changed the perception of leadership, the once authoritarian-style of leading has given way to a more empathetic approach to employees.

In this video insight, Adam Akbar, Founder & Managing Partner of Bronzegate, defines what an empathetic leader looks like, how the pandemic has changed leadership what empathetic and outcome driven leadership looks like in the day-to-day.

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To move your organisation forward, you need exceptional finance leaders who can influence, coordinate, and inspire effective responses to business challenges.

At Bronzegate, we are founded on the belief that traditional executive search needs to improve. We have devised a success-focused approach that ensures clients get what they need: a solution that delivers high calibre leaders each and every time via a cost-effective, timely and collaborative process.

Whether you are a listed, private, or private equity-backed company, our specialist focus and detailed understanding of the UK and European finance leadership community can help you secure the right hire.