Labs Live | Agile - Thursday 25th March, 2-4 pm GMT

Agile - Thursday 25th March, 2-4 pm GMT

We’re bring together the brightest minds in HR

Introducing Labs Live, a series of immersive, collaborative workshops for HR leaders.

We believe Labs Live provides the perfect opportunity to discuss, debate and drive change.

Our focus in the first session is Agile and we've partnered with one of the most influential names in UK HR, Perry Timms of People & Transformational HR.

With over 30 years’ experience in people, learning, technology, organisation change and transformation, Perry is an international and two-time TEDx speaker and award-winning author and HR strategist.

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What is Agile?

The impact of the pandemic has required HR teams to be agile. They've had to be responsive, adaptive and creative.
But there’s more to Agile than creative crisis management.

There’s a well-crafted philosophy of Agile put to work for inventive, iterative and inclusive ways to solve problems and deliver projects.
The Agile movement began in 2001 in software development but as time has gone on, we’ve seen an increasing number of organisations adopt Agile and implement its principles and practices.

Agile is all about the iteration of ideas at pace, producing results, implementing feedback, and adapting practices to improve outcomes. Agile working creates more innovative ways to solve problems and deliver projects. It promotes flexibility, responsiveness, and inclusion in working patterns, enabling teams to respond to external changes with greater speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

There are some key features to Agile, ‘scrums’, where teams are focused on delivering results in short, sharp sprints, flat management structures, and a constant focus on collaboration and feedback. Planning of projects is visualised using tools such as Kanban boards to offer an additional layer of transparency.


 Now’s the perfect time to implement Agile

Agile enables an organisation to respond to external changes more quickly or effectively, while promoting flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. It’s a way of working that offers real benefit, particularly in the rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in.

Agility is needed more now than ever before.

Want to learn more?

We’ve partnered up with PTHR to take you on an Agile journey. In this exclusive 2 hour collaborative session for HR Leaders, our expert team will compress the Agile rituals and processes, giving you an understanding of how it might work in your organisation.

It's an immersive workshop where we'll take a common scenario and work it through the Agile stages. Collaboration is key. You'll work within a small group to whiteboard, sticky note and jot down your solutions before feeding them back to the wider group.

We guarantee you'll leave with practical examples and understanding of how you could be more agile and apply Agile tactics in your work strategies, resulting in more inventive, iterative, and inclusive ways to solve problems and deliver projects.

Simply bring your buzz and come prepared with ideas.

When is it?

Thursday 25th March 2 - 4 pm GMT

Who is it for?

HR Leaders who...

  • Want to find more inventive ways to solve problems and deliver projects

  • Are eager to promote flexibility, responsiveness, and inclusivity in their working patterns

  • Need to respond to external changes more quickly or effectively

Places are limited. If you’d like to join us as we discuss, debate and drive change, register your interest in attending.

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