Strategic value | 2021 HR Blueprint: 5 key takeaways

2021 HR Blueprint: 5 key takeaways

2020 was a year like no other. HR teams were faced with a very different set of challenges and found themselves front and centre in responding to a global pandemic.

There's long been talk about the changing role of HR. And now more than ever, there is an opportunity for HR leaders to offer and demonstrate strategic value and direction to their senior leadership teams.

While the current climate of unpredictability looks set to continue, it’s time for HR teams to build on the momentum gained over recent months. 2021 presents the perfect opportunity to take the lead in driving efficient, more human-centric workplaces - and we’ll tell you how.

Before you finalise your 2021 strategy, check out our HR Blueprint

Featuring some of the brightest minds from the HR community and beyond, our HR Blueprint offers insight into some of the key areas and trends HR teams should focus on in the months ahead. We’ve created a Blueprint Content Hub featuring a number of easy to digest mini-guides, so you can ensure you hone in on the areas that matter most to you and your business. We cover:

5 key takeaways

It would be impossible to sum up the expert insight in our HR Blueprint in just a few paragraphs. Instead, here are 5 key takeaways to get you started:

  • The business landscape is shifting. HR need to stay at the forefront of change in order to stay relevant, regardless of their specialism. For some, this might require a different mindset and stepping out of their comfort zone - but this shouldn't be a concern. HR teams on a global scale have already demonstrated they're well equipped to lead with agility during turbulent times.

  • People will continue to be businesses' most valuable asset and the mental health and wellbeing of employees must be a strategic priority. It's time for us to smash the stigma.

  • There will be a need for HR to prove its strategic value as businesses look to do more for less - ROI, metrics, and performance and development will be key.

  • To succeed in 2021, there will be a need for flexibility, agility and a willingness to embrace and adapt to new ways of working

  • HR need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It's time for the profession to lead programmes of change and help eradicate racial inequality. Organisations who fail to take action are in danger of being perceived as regressive and racist.

What else can you expect:

  • Pip Penfold, CEO and Co-founder of People Collider, on how to build your HR tech stack and the 3 technologies HR needs to get to grips with.

  • Recruiting Brainfood supremo Hung Lee talks hiring, the move towards talent advisory and managing the alternative workforce.

  • James Hampton, Head of Development and Engagement at Seasalt on why traditional L&D is dead. And why it's time to focus on 'systems thinking' and Performance & Development.

The Blueprint Content Hub is packed full of insight, resources, and practical advice to help your organisation bring your 2021 strategy to life.

Covid-19 hasn't caused the evolution of HR, it's simply accelerated the process. The sentiments expressed by our experts in the Blueprint is that 2021 presents real opportunities for HR teams brave enough to re-imagine the future of their businesses.

It's time for HR teams to be bold and to challenge the status quo. Now more than ever before, there's a feeling that the profession is ready to break boundaries, to tackle longstanding beliefs, and to evoke meaningful change.

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