Millennial | Getting Gen-Z ready - recruiting the new wave

Getting Gen-Z ready - recruiting the new wave

Gen-Z represents the greatest generational shift the workplace has ever seen.

Generally classified as those born between the mid 1990’s and early 2010’s, the older members of this generation have been steadily entering the workplace over the past 5 years. With millions of ageing baby boomers set to retire over the next decade, high potential Gen-Z individuals need to be identified and their skills developed to fill this gap.

Employers took years to understand and adapt to the Millennial generation and how they were changing the workplace. Some organisations are still adjusting. Over the coming decade the talent we recruit will be increasingly dominated by Gen-Z. Maintaining evolution in recruitment processes is critical to staying ahead and securing the best talent that Gen-Z has to offer.

Attraction – digital strategy is key

Advertising on job boards and LinkedIn is unlikely to garner a decent response. Instead, by using social sourcing and programmatic marketing, AI software and algorithms can be leveraged to identify relevant candidate audiences based on their social media profiles. Advertising can then be served to them within their social media feeds, via mobile push notifications and in-app advertising. This can be a very effective way of reaching both active and passive job seekers.

Engagement – pacey and purposeful

Organisational purpose is high on the agenda for Gen-Z, but it needs to be authentic, well captured and brilliantly articulated. It is crucial for organisations to be able to eloquently convey their business drivers and create a compelling message to market which can then be communicated via a variety of different channels. Once candidates have been engaged, applications need to be progressed with pace and urgency.

Assessment – high-tech and high-touch

In a recent survey, Ryan Jenkins busts the myth that Gen-Z’ers are constantly glued to their screens and can’t hold a conversation. 72% of Gen-Z want to communicate face to face at work and more than 90% stress the importance of the human element. This approach should extend to the assessment phase of the recruitment process. Many organisations and professional recruitment firms have moved to highly automated, portal driven recruitment processes, but it is important to remember the paramount importance of good old-fashioned conversation to this community, alongside best in breed recruitment technology.

Client interviews – momentum is critical

Driving pace, momentum and constant communications through the interview process is imperative. As true digital natives, Gen-Z have an ‘always on’ mentality – stalled feedback and arduous interview formats are unlikely to keep them engaged in a recruitment process for long.

Onboarding – video content rules

Video content has come to rule the social media landscape. When it comes to onboarding their Gen-Z workforce, organisations would do well to move away from expecting new starters to read through text heavy induction manuals. Video is a far better tool for learning and is an easier and more comfortable way to digest and retain information.

The next generation is already here, and we need to ready ourselves for a new wave of expectations. Recognising and adapting to their priorities and motivations will be crucial in successfully recruiting and onboarding Gen-Z talent.

Kate Parker heads up Berwick Talent Solutions (BTS), part of Odgers Berndtson. BTS works with organisations undergoing significant growth or transformation to fulfil their project and volume recruitment needs. They specialise in the placement of permanent technical and functional specialists at individual contributor and emerging leader level.

For more information about Berwick Talent Solutions, please contact [email protected]

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