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5 Key Trends in Talent Acquisition
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2020 has been quite a year for businesses in every respect.

As we look towards 2021 the Talent Acquisition specialists at Allegis Global Solutions are soon to publish their authoritative research report: The Shape of Talent Acquisition Across Europe 2021 highlighting key trends from the previous 12 months.

Here are five key stats that have jumped off the page:


1. Self-confidence is growing within talent acquisition (TA). Two-thirds of the function describe themselves as better performing compared to 12 months prior - when almost 50% thought they could improve.

In 2020, an effective two-thirds believe that their approach and capability is either ‘great’ or ‘good’. Less than three per cent believe their TA approach and capability is a significant problem.

This confidence can, in some examples, be attributed to transformations catalysed by the pandemic - even if areas of TA practise that did evolve across the last 12 months were already on the function’s agenda for change prior to the pandemic.

How TA professionals rated their overall approach and capability in Talent Acquisition, compared to other industries in 2020

2. Year-on-year improvement in the curation and deployment of brand in hiring

In 2019, circa four in 10 respondents said that their brand was driving direct hires to at least good level; in 2020, that figure shot up to over 70%. However, that still leaves room for improvement. Many functions will recognise now having to appeal to talent that their firm traditionally didn’t have to consider – in many cases the result of digital transformation, challenger brand competitors and changes to consumer habits.

Volume of TA specialists who see brand as a driving force in hiring

3. Over half of functions foster an active community of talent – a massive improvement over the last year.

Survey responses suggest that many are fostering an active community of talent. Over half do (51.35%) which is up from 37% in 2019. Indeed, many are taking to digital means to do this – reaching out on social media and actively reaching out online.

4. Despite pandemic-enforced changes to digital models, very few functions are enabled by best-in-class technology

Over half of survey respondents (52.48%) find the technology they use for hiring either needs improving or is causing problems.

5. Seven in 10 respondents are looking into continued transformation for their practise. Increasingly, they work with external partners to deliver on this.

Despite reservations, appetite to improve TA appears to be there. 69% of survey respondents are either planning to look into new and innovative ways of recruiting or are already doing so – with technology a likely part of this. Digital ways of doing can even help TA functions circumvent structural changes to work and deliver success in key strategic areas, such as a proper showcasing of employer brand.


The in-depth report The Shape of Talent Acquisition Across Europe 2021 will be published in January 2021 and will be available via the Allegis Global Solutions and HR Grapevine websites.

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