Why 2022 is the year of human capital management evolution


Martin Eade

Vice President of Human Capital Management (HCM)

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Martin Eade, Vice President of Human Capital Management (HCM) at Advanced - the UK’s third largest provider of business software and services - believes that the HCM space is undergoing a fundamental transformation. With organisations and workforces alike having been through a great deal of change in recent years, the role of HR professionals is now expanding in scope and complexity. The systems and technology which support them must also evolve.

“One of the key challenges for organisations in 2022 will be how to effectively deal with the HCM demands of the new working world without relegating their HR teams to a mostly admin function. Instead, it is important to enable them to leverage their expertise to focus on redefining their people’s experience.

We’ve all had to get to grips with hybrid working and what that means to us as individuals as well as our businesses. We’ve had to relearn how to stay connected and engaged with our colleagues when, at times, we’ve never been further apart.

We know that attracting the right people is more challenging than ever. Organisations will need to think about their brand and their appeal as employers - why do people want to come and work for them; what are their social and ethical responsibilities; how does this impact people’s decisions about whether they’re right for them? All this stems from the moment of first engagement.

The focus for businesses needs to be leveraging the skills and ingenuity of their people teams to help get them ready to meet the future of work and reduce the time HR teams are spending on day to day admin tasks.


At Advanced, we understand the nature of the evolution required, which is why we’re we’ve created a comprehensive suite of solutions to help organisations transform their people experience for the better. We’ve brought together some of the most influential names in the HCM space, including Mitrefinch and Clear Review, to enable us to create a comprehensive suite of solutions. These are designed specifically to support businesses tackling the HCM challenges that the new working world has introduced.

We continue to innovate, and are also introducing MyWorkplace which brings together all your business systems in one, unified platform. Every user will have the opportunity to personalise their own desktop, making access to everyday applications simple and secure.

Our solutions reflect the ways in which the modern working culture has transformed in recent years.

If you’d like to learn more about how Advanced is preparing for the evolution of HCM and the wider working world in 2022, please get in touch today.