Agility | Finding your Rhythm

Finding your Rhythm

The way we work, where we work and what we do day-to-day is changing and it's more important than ever that business needs and employee expectations work in harmony.

We will explore what can affect the rhythm of your employees and your business, and more importantly what you can do as leaders to ensure you keep the beat of your business moving forwards and how technology can support this challenge.

Big moments

Your employees can be seen as the beating heart of your organisation, and their day-to-day work ensures your business thrives. Sometimes, though big moments in the business and in the lives of your employees can disrupt their rhythm. From job promotion and family dynamics to acquisitions and new products. Those involved need to be agile and the right tools in place to ensure minimum disruption so you can create new harmony.

This could mean:

  • Ensuring that wellbeing and support is centralised and easily accessible to your employees

  • Creating and communicating your key HR policies around familial leave, bereavement, sickness and absence, on-demand and via self-service to enable timely and clear management

  • Providing additional training and learning to move with the changing landscape


  • When you’re seeking new members of your team, getting them started on the right beat is key. Currently, job vacancies are at an all-time high, meaning that your business needs to stand out to new candidates as somewhere that will help them find their rhythm in their career.

  • Ensuring your employer brand is presented straight-away, clearly demonstrating your benefits as an employer of choice

  • Integrate your recruitment experience with clear and simple actions for your candidates and internal teams to take

  • Make the recruitment process simple for your hiring managers, HR and candidates.


Once you’ve recruited your talent the next stage of their journey with you is important, bringing them into your organizational culture and getting them up to speed to increase productivity.

Technology can help embed someone into your organisation quickly helping them get up to speed even before they’ve started with you.

  • Ensuring your recruitment process transitions smoothly into the onboarding journey through digital

  • Making sure they can access their contract information online and in a secure portal can help engage your new employees quickly and easily

  • Providing them key learning they can do on day one, enabling them to be on their feet quicker.


Engaging employees can boost efficiency and can help keep your workforce working in harmony with your business goals, technology is key to helping you unlock the measurement and tracking of engagement.

  • Creating two-way conversation so you can measure engagement and gather vital information on how to improve it

  • Understand the workplace culture as it’s a fundamental part of what makes up your organisations rhythm and how your employees can be engaged

  • Recognize the efforts of your employees, even make it social as this can help you align recognition to your values

  • Enable new ways of working to ensure your teams work in the way that’s best for them and for your business


As part of your resource planning, your current and future skill capabilities might be a top priority. How do you fill the gaps of new types of work required for the world today? How do you retain your talented workforce through new challenge? All of these are important to help you keep your organisations rhythm beating and can enable agility in your current workforce.

  • Offering your employees the chance to upskill and reskill in the flow of work

  • A clear and easily accessible career development scale, so you can plan your resource and talent needs for the future

  • Using your HR system to help develop your future plans with real-time data from across your organisation, providing a robust strategy that can be adapted as you gain new insight

  • Working in harmony

If you would like to find out more about how you can find your organisations rhythm take a look at our resources.