Strategy | Kickstart 2020: The 4 big HR challenges you CAN overcome

Kickstart 2020: The 4 big HR challenges you CAN overcome

Why not begin 2020 by channelling your New Year energy and enthusiasm into your HR strategy? We’ve identified four pressing issues facing HR managers today and have provided some ideas on how to tackle them.

Issue 1: No time for value-adding HR activity

Let’s start with the big problem for HR teams – how much time is lost on administrative tasks. That’s time that would be better spent investing in strategic or value-adding HR activity, rather than forms and data entry.

Up-to-date HR systems solve that problem. Modern solutions are flexible and intuitive and, thanks to cloud-based technology, they’re not as expensive as you or your board might think. The right software significantly reduces the admin workload with self-service functionality – which means your workforce (rather than the HR team) can update their personal information themselves as well as book their own holidays and training, for example.

2020 resolution: Free up valuable time by using software to reduce the administrative load

Issue 2: Losing good people

It’s not only disappointing when people leave, but it’s also expensive to replace them and problematic for the organisation when knowledge and experience are lost. Start 2020 with a long hard look at the reasons why.

Leave the perceptions and anecdotal viewpoints behind and revert to a robust analysis of the evidence. Pull all the data you have on your leavers over the last five years and build up an unbiased picture of the factors at play. Crunching the data is much easier with workforce analytics. And once you’ve understood what the data is saying, then you can devise a churn strategy that delivers results.

2020 resolution: Find out exactly what is behind staff churn

Issue 3: Retaining top talent

How good is your talent management strategy? Do you have comprehensive tools to identify and assess where the talent lies in your business? And do you have detailed development plans with a structured approach for each individual?

Managing your star performers correctly is key to keeping them in the business and ensuring you have a pool of potential future leaders. It’s vital to keep these very special individuals interested, challenged and rewarded appropriately as well as on the right development path for the business. That’s a whole lot easier with HR performance management software as it makes it simpler to keep abreast of this core group, tracking their progress and ensuring training and roles are in step with their longer-term career pathway (and the company goals of course).

2020 resolution: Ensure talent is engaged, nurtured and challenged throughout the year

Issue 4: Making staff feel valued

It’s a big ask for HR to have enough time year-round to maintain employee engagement levels. Or provide ongoing encouragement so that everyone feels valued and supported for the part they play.

Why not start 2020 by spreading the burden? Offer a simple way to say ‘thank you’ or offer encouragement and support which everyone can use. Solutions such as ‘Applause’ in Access Workspace offer an internal online forum for all employees to do just that – and cleverly solves another HR issue.

2020 resolution: Spread the engagement burden

For even more support and inspirational ideas about moving your HR strategy forward using HR software, then get in touch with The Access Group today.

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