Employee Rewards | Choosing the best benefits for your workforce

Choosing the best benefits for your workforce

Is it time to refresh your approach to employee benefits? Do perks like additional holiday or a car allowance fail to impress potential new employees and underwhelm existing ones? What are the latest perks and could they be right for your business?

Every HR lead with a remit to recruit and retain the best talent knows that in a competitive market, you need to stand out. An up-to-the-minute employee benefits package could be an effective strategy. It’s all about capturing the imagination (and the attention) of employees, especially the millennials who are on the lookout for something different.

Consider these three ideas…

1. Unlimited holiday

It sounds crazy at first glance but don’t dismiss it out of hand as others have already introduced the option to allow staff to take an unlimited number of holiday days and it’s proved positive for both employees and the company. Taking time out is necessary for everyone and removing limitations simply means that employees feel comfortable having holiday when they need to and are more refreshed when they return to work. Rather than taking advantage, employees instead take their work commitments seriously and feel confident that their wellbeing is valued. The company putting its trust in them to use the opportunity appropriately can go a long way towards positive employee/employer relations.

But if you do introduce this, don’t assume that the administrative burden of managing holiday absence simply goes away. It must still be managed appropriately and the business must prove that legal entitlements are followed. The easiest way to manage holiday is using HR software to keep track of who is at work and who isn’t, and report on attendance as required.

2. Flexible working

You may have considered flexible working as an option in the past (and maybe concluded that it doesn’t fit for your business). The problem is, the popularity of flexible working isn’t diminishing – in fact quite the opposite. If there was ever a good time to find a way introduce it if you can: it’s now.

Flexible working might feel complex in the short term, but it can be managed easily with software. An HR system is a useful way to investigate practicalities as the people data and reporting tools can offer useful insight into current contracted hours, working patterns, potential take-up and possible impact on the business.

One last point to consider. The momentum for (rather than against) flexible working is building and the issue has even been raised in Parliament.

3. Fun stuff

Ping pong or table football anyone? How about a hammock desk or indoor trees? If it fits with your company brand, culture and ethos, injecting fun into the workplace might be a good way forward. It would certainly be a talking point amongst your employees in and out of work, and some employers report that it reduces stress and helps with productivity.

Before jumping in and ordering the office trampoline – check first that what HR thinks might be fun does actually resonate with your employees. A company-wide survey is a good way to start, perhaps giving some options to consider and allowing for employee suggestions. You might be pleasantly surprised by what your colleagues come up with.

Why not kickstart your company benefits package today? Start by finding out more about how our software can help you better understand and communicate with your employees; to help improve engagement and productivity overall - speak to one of our friendly team today.

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