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3 ways to supercharge HR digital transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just a switch you can flip. It’s a never-ending process that starts at different points for every organisation and team. As we stare down a new wave of economic uncertainty, it’s never been more important for HR leaders to make a strong business case for HR digital transformation, whether for our CEOs, boards, or investors.

In a survey by Fortune and Deloitte, 76% of CEOs said they have a “pessimistic” 12-month outlook for the global economy. Especially in this climate, business leaders want to know what kind of value they’re getting from their technology investments. They also want to improve productivity and efficiency across the workforce.

HR leaders need to consider new ways to deliver for their people and drive business success. And so here’s three suggested ways that an organisation can supercharge its HR digital transformation.

1. Integrate HR and digital technology teams

HR and digital technology (DT) teams need to integrate their functions and rewire their partnership to be more strategic, predictive, and proactive.

People already have consumer-grade technology that simplifies their lives in radical ways every day—from ordering a ride to filling a prescription. They expect the same at work. HR and DT teams need to align to deliver that experience, which unlocks their talent advantage and business growth. With an integrated vision and partnership, together they can set achievable KPIs and better understand processes, focusing on three imperatives to measure progress:

  • Velocity: Innovate quickly to remain competitive and drive ongoing success.

  • Intelligence: Move away from manual reporting to real-time predictive analytics.

  • Experience: Create great employee and customer experiences that minimize both costs and inefficiencies.

Years ago, when a ServiceNow employee had an issue—anything from requesting a phone to getting approval for business travel—our self-service tool only handled a fraction of those transactions. Our HR and DT worked together to improve the AI and machine learning, and in 2022, it handled 80% of employee questions and issues, even at higher volume.

2. Invest in the right technology

When companies cut costs, some leaders think they can’t prioritize the employee experience. This is a misconception. An exceptional employee experience doesn’t need to be expensive. Thoughtfully curating experiences for employees and managers can boost employee productivity and engagement while saving time and resources for organisations.

HR leaders need digital solutions that automate tasks and insights to help them predict what their people need. When customers work with ServiceNow to streamline the employee experience with HR Service Delivery, they don’t have to spend a fortune upgrading or buying new systems. They can simply connect their existing systems to the Now Platform for an improved experience. This consolidates enterprise-wide activity into a single view and integrates tools in one place for employees.

Beyond this, the Now Platform offers tremendous return on investment (ROI). In 2021, Forrester Consulting studied the potential ROI of deploying ServiceNow HRSD at several companies, summarizing that organisations could benefit from:

  • Increased ROI (up to 254%) and savings (up to $7.62 million) over a three-year span

  • More than 10,000 hours saved by using self-service for up to 80% of repeat inquiries

  • Up to a 30% boost in productivity during onboarding and offboarding

3. Create a single view

HR teams have a similar set of daily questions, ranging from how to attract and retain great talent to how to progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. HR leaders are looking for ways to make those decisions based on the data and insights available to them. They want to distinguish the signal from the noise, and they need to visualize data in real time rather than waiting for lagging reports.

That’s why at ServiceNow, we built the CHRO Dashboard on our Now Platform. The dashboard offers a control tower view with easy access to insights, from the enterprise level to functions, down to teams and individuals.

Within a few minutes and clicks, leaders can gather data on an emerging issue and take action to resolve it in real time, on the go. It helps us make data-driven decisions quickly using the most relevant, timely insights—all to create a better experience for our people.

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