Candidate attraction | 3 critical success factors for in-house recruitment

3 critical success factors for in-house recruitment

Recruiters, talent teams, and HRBP's constantly need to evolve to changing job market requirements and workplace demands. In this insight, we share three factors those involved in in-house recruitment should put into practice to be successful.

1. Efficient recruitment processes

Many in-house recruitment teams have already automated the administrative tasks associated with recruitment, such as job posting, application screening, CV parsing, scheduling interviews, candidate management, and onboarding. However, if you are yet to switch to automated processes using recruitment technology, then this guidebook will help you. It's crammed full of checklists and advice to help you understand the needs of every stakeholder. It's a roadmap to a clear, concise and actionable E-Recruitment strategy.

Already got recruitment automation sorted?

If you already use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to support the entire recruitment journey, you are probably experiencing the benefits of using optimised recruitment and streamlined hiring workflows. But don't just leave it there. Are you getting the most from the system in place? When was the last time you revisited your recruitment workflows and, more importantly, recruitment data to identify areas for improvement? For example, is your Application to Hire ratio effective across all sourcing channels? Do you know your Application Drop off rate and Qualified Candidates per job?

2.Strong candidate communication

Communication with candidates needs to be on-brand, customised, consistent, and seamless. Going back to the point above, automated communication with candidates alleviates the need to track, monitor and schedule email communication with candidates. Done right, this will build relationships with candidates and your talent pool that will keep you competitive. Audit your candidate communication at each step of the recruitment funnel, from job alert sign-up to application acknowledgement to hired (or regret!). Do your comms emulate your employer brand and build engagement, and is the tone and frequency spot on? Time to check!

3. Get candidates to register for an account during the application process

Contrary to popular belief, getting candidates to register for an account before (or during) the application process positively impacts the quantity and quality of candidates that apply. This free candidate attraction report has a section on the online application process (pages 33-38). The research suggests that those companies with a registration process on a careers site report significantly higher numbers of candidates, irrespective of company size. In addition, having created an account, it becomes easy for candidates to apply for other jobs, sign up for job alerts and be informed throughout the process.

Help is at hand

We've shared just three 'must-do' factors for recruitment teams. There are, of course, many other options for staying competitive and making better hiring decisions. If you want a customised consultation to fit your needs to modernise your strategy for attracting and retaining talent - and enjoy cost savings simultaneously, we can help! Contact us to explore how to revolutionise your recruitment process and enjoy hiring success.

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