KPMG study | UK workers turn to social media & AI to sharpen office skills

UK workers turn to social media & AI to sharpen office skills

Most UK workers (62%) have used social media or online platforms to learn new workplace skills, with 20% doing so regularly, according to new research, which suggests employers must develop more interactive ways of delivering their own in-house learning.

KPMG surveyed 2,000 UK desk based working adults from various sectors about the training offered by their employers and other learning avenues they used. The findings showed that often due to limited options, poor quality, and lack of accessibility in workplace learning, many are taking control of their own training and seeking more interactive ways to learn.

Over half (56%) of all 18–24 year-olds and a third of 25–34 year-olds have already used generative AI to learn new workplace skills, compared with only 15% of those aged 55-64, while 61% of all workers said they wanted specific training on how to use the technology.

KPMG says successful employers are using internal social learning platforms such as Microsoft Viva Engage, SAP Workplace, Cornerstone and Degreed to deliver their training resources, as well as incorporating generative AI into learning programmes to meet this new demand.

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