Own goal | Manchester United workers sue club for £100k after major HR breach

Manchester United workers sue club for £100k after major HR breach

A group of 167 workers from Manchester United are reportedly suing the Premier League giants for up to £100,000 following a significant HR blunder.

According to a report by The Sun, these employees were inadvertently exposed to confidential information belonging to some permanent staff members.

The leaked data included sensitive details such as wage slips, names, addresses, National Insurance numbers, pension benefits, and tax contributions.

This breach occurred six years ago but has resurfaced with legal action, as the affected employees fear potential financial fraud stemming from the leaked information.

The breach reportedly originated from a single file sent to casual staff across various departments, including stadium tours, catering and hospitality.

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Despite the incident being reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office at the time, the affected employees have now lodged a compensation claim in the High Court.

Their argument centres on the potential misuse of their personal information and the negligence they perceive from the club in safeguarding their data.

Jonathan Whittle, representing 32 of the claimants from Your Lawyers, expressed concern over the breach, stating, "the club’s billionaire owners should take responsibility for this error."

In response to inquiries regarding the incident, a spokesperson for Manchester United reiterated the club’s commitment to data privacy.

They expressed ‘regret’ over the isolated incident, which occurred in 2018, and stated that measures were promptly implemented to prevent such breaches from reoccurring.

'Measures were put in place to prevent it happening again and we informed the Information Commissioner’s Office, which took no further action.'

However, this legal challenge comes at a tumultuous time for Manchester United, as the club faces pressures beyond the courtroom.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe's appointment of corporate restructuring firm Interpath Advisory to undertake a major cost-cutting exercise highlights broader concerns about the club's financial performance.

Recent financial results revealed a significant rise in staff costs, prompting calls for austerity measures to comply with Profit and Sustainability Rules.

As Interpath begins its review, speculation is rife regarding potential job losses at Manchester United. Reports suggest that the club aims to reduce staffing levels by 20 to 25 percent, translating to hundreds of jobs.

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