Boeing | Employee breaks silence over alleged rampant employee mistreatment at embattled airplane manufacturer

Employee breaks silence over alleged rampant employee mistreatment at embattled airplane manufacturer

A former Boeing employee has come forward with allegations of widespread mistreatment and pressure to compromise safety standards at the embattled airplane manufacturer's North Charleston plant.

Joseph Clayton, who worked as a technician at Boeing between 2013 and 2019, disclosed to the Daily Mail a culture of coercion, where technicians were reportedly constantly pressured to make quick fixes without documenting mistakes.

Clayton's account adds fuel to the fire ignited by the recent death of whistleblower John Barnett, who had been in the midst of a deposition in a lawsuit related to production issues surrounding the Boeing 787 Dreamliner at the same factory.

Barnett's lawsuit alleged that workers were fitting substandard parts to Boeing 787s under management pressure to cut costs and meet deadlines.

According to Clayton, management at Boeing's North Charleston plant exerted relentless pressure on employees to overlook proper maintenance procedures.

He recounted instances where technicians were instructed to make undocumented fixes, violating standard protocol. Clayton emphasized the pervasive nature of these practices, stating, "almost everyone there has had to do something not correct."

The atmosphere at Boeing, as described by Clayton, was one of intimidation and coercion, where employees who raised concerns about production issues were labelled as insubordinate.

He described instances where he requested documentation of directives from management, only to be met with silence. Clayton highlighted the fear-inducing tactics employed by Boeing, including the isolation of dissenting employees.

The revelations come amidst a backdrop of ongoing lawsuits and complaints against Boeing, alleging a prioritisation of speed over safety and retaliatory measures against whistleblowers.

Former employees, including Barnett, have raised alarms about defective manufacturing, debris left on planes and pressure to not report violations.

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Boeing's response to Clayton's allegations remains awaited as the company faces increasing scrutiny over its production standards.

The recent increase in production rates at the North Charleston plant, coupled with the reportedly poor working conditions, has further heightened concerns about employee safety and wellbeing.

Barnett had been actively raising concerns about safety lapses at Boeing before his passing. His demise comes at a critical juncture when both Boeing and its suppliers are under intense scrutiny over manufacturing quality control.

Cases being brought against the employer are ongoing.

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