'Insulting gimmick' | Rail firm Avanti under fire over gift bags given to menopausal employees

Rail firm Avanti under fire over gift bags given to menopausal employees

Rail firm Avanti West Coast has come under fire over its decision to give gift bags to menopausal staff containing items like a fan "for hot sweats" and sweets to prevent workers from "biting someone's head off" - with the move being described as an “insulting gimmick” by unions figures.

Images emerged on social media before the weekend of the goody bags that had been given to rail employees going through menopause, containing small items designed to help staff cope with their symptoms.

Among the items in the goody bag were:  

  • A fan, “ideal for the hot sweats”

  • A jelly baby sweet “in case you feel like biting someone’s head off”

  • A tissue “if you’re feeling a bit emotional”

  • A paper clip “to help you keep it all together” 

  • A pencil “to write down the things you might forget”

However well intentioned the gesture may have been, it has not gone down well with many, some of whom said the bags were insulting, and that the company should be focussing on developing workplace policies to provide support to menopausal and perimenopausal women.

On X, the drivers’ union Aslef shared a photo of a card attached to one of the bags, outlining its contents.

The union captioned the image: “The menopause is debilitating for some women, it’s not a joke. Rather than handing out insulting gimmicks to female employees you’d be better placed developing workplace policies and procedures that value and support perimenopausal and menopausal women!”

The bags have reportedly been handed out to staff for several months now, but have only now been put into the spotlight by the union tweets.

An Avanti spokesperson said: “This is a gift bag designed and created by our own in-house menopause support group and derived from a suggestion from a colleague based on her own personal experience. It is part of a much wider and well-used package of support provided by Avanti West Coast, as part of our commitment to be a proud menopause friendly employer.

“Over the course of the last year, Avanti West Coast has undertaken a wide range of menopause support initiatives including launching guidance for colleagues and managers, creating a support group on internal channels – which is a safe space for women to chat and seek support around menopause and perimenopause – as well as setting up a specialist library giving staff free access to books on the subject.”

58% of UK employees have taken - or might take a new job - based on family health & reproductive benefits

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HR Grapevine recently published an exclusive report, providing an in-depth look at how people managers can best support menopausal and perimenopausal employees.

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