Future of work | Interest in HR careers is booming, but it's not all good news

Interest in HR careers is booming, but it's not all good news

Recent data analysis has revealed a significant increase in the demand for HR careers across the UK. The analysis, conducted by Factorial and based on online search trends over the past 12 months, highlights a surge in interest in HR roles, particularly among graduate job-seekers.

According to the findings, searches for terms related to HR careers have skyrocketed. The most notable increase is a staggering 26,900% rise in searches for 'human resource management graduate scheme' within the UK.

This surge in interest is indicative of a growing recognition of HR as a viable career choice among the younger generation.

Moreover, searches for 'Human Resources College degree' have spiked by 2,850%, while 'Human Resources Intern' as a search term has seen a notable increase of 2,300%.

The analysis also reveals a widespread surge in interest in HR careers across various regions in the UK. Searches for 'HR Careers London' and 'HR jobs London City' have seen an 11,900% increase over the past year, with similar trends observed in other UK cities.

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Additionally, searches for 'Human Resources Positions near me' have grown by 9,400%, indicating a strong demand for HR professionals nationwide.

The data also highlights an acknowledgment of the impact that technology is having on the HR field. Searches for terms such as 'AI in human resource management' have increased by 1,200%, while 'Human Resources information system' and 'HR Manager software' have grown by 1,677% and 1017.6%, respectively.

This reflects a growing awareness of the importance of integrating technology-driven solutions into modern HR practices.

By automating tasks such as employee time tracking, time off management, onboarding, offboarding, payroll, document management, and performance tools, companies can optimise their resources and enhance their overall efficiency.

The surge in demand for HR careers across the UK reflects a shifting landscape in the perception of HR roles and the increasing integration of technology in the field.

However, unfortunately for prospective HR practitioners, data from Indeed in late 2023 found that HR job postings overall were down 17% from the previous year.

Job openings for HR roles declined by 45% year over year, according to the research.

While job openings overall remained 27% above their pre-pandemic level, HR jobs were only about nine per cent above their February 2020 baseline.

Nick Bunker, Indeed’s Director of Economic Research stated that the decline in HR job openings may be “a consequence of a general pullback in hiring demand, in that you're not going to want to hire folks who either are recruiters or…their main job is to hire folks, or to staff workers, if you're not adding more people to your headcount.”

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