'HR will be key' | 'Chief People Officer' among UK's fastest growing job roles, LinkedIn reveals

'Chief People Officer' among UK's fastest growing job roles, LinkedIn reveals

The fastest growing job titles in the UK have been revealed, with a pair of key people management positions making the list.

A huge new study from LinkedIn, titled 'Jobs On The Rise', shows that Chief People Officer and Payroll Executive were among the 25 fastest-growing jobs in the UK, alongside titles including Sustainability Manager, Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Cyber Security Analyst.

This year's list reveals the world of work is changing - nearly half (48%) of the fastest-growing job titles in the UK didn’t even exist twenty years ago. As the professional networking site explained, the annual list "uncovers the trends defining where the workforce is headed and insight into emerging opportunities."

And talent and HR teams are going to play a fundamental role in supporting businesses in navigating these changes.

Not surprisingly after the volatile events of the past 12 months, Sustainability Manager was the fastest growing job in the country, while sweeping its way to 4th place was AI Engineer – another unsurprising entry, given the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence in the past year.

So with so many big changes having occurred, and more on the horizon, it should come as no surprise to see the role of Chief People Officer making the list too, coming in at number 13. After all, with new LinkedIn research showing that 75% of UK professionals are looking for a new job in 2024 - CPOs and all HR leaders are going to be in demand, as firms prepare for potentially sweeping changes to their workforces.

Payroll Executive also made the list, standing out as the 20th fastest growing job title in the UK. Again, with potentially massive changes to the workplace looming, getting payroll processes watertight for both current and prospective employees will be crucial.

As Luke Mckend, Senior Director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, UK, said: “The world of work has undergone huge changes in the last few years, and this looks set to continue, with LinkedIn data showing that the skills needed for jobs are expected to change at least 65% by 2030. Sustainability and AI are two of the main driving forces shaping the UK labour market at the moment, and employers are increasingly looking to hire people with skills in these areas.

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“With business leaders leaning on HR teams to help manage these shifts, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see the role of Chief People Officer listed amongst the fastest growing job roles. HR and people teams will be responsible for introducing learning and development programmes, updating hiring strategies, and implementing upskilling initiatives to equip existing and future talent with the skills businesses need to grow. With many professionals on the hunt for their next opportunity, the HR function will be key in supporting business leaders in their approach to attracting and retaining top talent”.

The full list from LinkedIn comprises:

  1. Sustainability Manager

  2. Sales Development Representative

  3. Underwriting Analyst

  4. Chief Revenue Officer

  5. Dental Therapist

  6. Home Health Aide

  7. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  8. Demand Generation Manager

  9. Civil Supervisor

  10. Security Operations Centre Analyst

  11. Cyber Security Manager

  12. Investor Relations Associate

  13. Chief People Officer

  14. Energy Engineer

  15. Cyber Security Architect

  16. Data Governance Manager

  17. Product Marketing Specialist

  18. Vice President Compliance

  19. Customer Experience Specialist

  20. Payroll Executive

  21. Customer Success Executive

  22. Risk Control Manager

  23. Sports Scout

  24. Private Equity Associate

  25. Data Engineer

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