Twitter X | Navigating the chaos when the boss makes a major business shift

Navigating the chaos when the boss makes a major business shift

It might be something as simple as the coffee machine, or it could be something as major as your logo and brand identity. But when the CEO decides something is to change, there aren't really any people above them to stop it happening.

In the case of the platform formerly known as Twitter, there have been joyous parodies (our favourite so far is one from Gregg's), as Elon Musk announced that it would now be known as X.

If the fallout from the decision - which felt like an overnight one, even if it perhaps had been in the pipeline longer than that - made you feel a bit prickly, you're not alone. After all, who hasn't been part of a decision from management that came as a bit of a surprise?

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As a member of the HR team, you're in the middle of a very unusual (but familiar, of course) venn diagram. You are staff, too, and the decision might be a shock to you. And you've also got staff asking you lots of questions and even taking to social media or work threads and chats to discsus what's happened.

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