Sleep on it | Could the solution to the current burnout crisis be... naps?

Could the solution to the current burnout crisis be... naps?

HR is currently stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place when it comes to wellbeing. On the one hand, businesses are finally starting to appreciate the value in truly consider the wellbeing of their people.

On the other, budgets and time are resources that are carefully watched, and not easily relinquished. Businesses expect more output from their people than possibly ever before. Add into the equation mental health spiralling and burnout on the rise, and it’s fair to say that this quite the conundrum.

Let’s, just for the sake of exploration, look slightly outside of the box for a solution. In fact, let’s suspend our sense of absurdity for just a second, and imagine a world in which employees are well rested, have perfect cognitive function, and actually feel well in their mind and body.

To create this world, what we need, is more sleep. And herein potentially lies our solution. Recent research suggests that it could in-fact be encouraging employees to take naps at work, that plays a huge role in combating burnout and enhancing overall productivity.

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