Poignant lessons | BBC crisis exposes the importance of rigorous workplace investigations

BBC crisis exposes the importance of rigorous workplace investigations

The BBC is currently facing a crisis after allegations of sexual misconduct were leveled against an as-of-yet unnamed male presenter, spawning a high-profile internal investigation into any alleged wrongdoing.

The case, which was first reported by The Sun on Sunday, accuses an anonymous member of the BBC’s presenting team of paying a teenager more than £35,000 from the age of 17, in return for ‘sordid’ images.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that public-facing presenters have come under fire for unethical practices.

In May, ITV personality Philip Scofield was forced to step down after rumours of an extramarital affair with a younger individual who worked on the show This Morning came to light.

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Similarly, an investigation was launched at the time, after which the star admitted to the affair.

Whilst the current BBC case is ongoing, the situation highlights the urgency of treating allegations seriously and handling them promptly within any workplace.

It’s vital for HR practitioners to have robust investigation procedures in place. A well-structured investigation process ensures fairness, impartiality, and transparency, protecting both the organisation and its employees.

Key elements to consider include:

Confidentiality and privacy

Throughout the investigation, it is crucial to safeguard the privacy and reputation of all parties involved. Respecting the accused person's confidentiality until the investigation is concluded is essential to uphold their rights and maintain a fair process.


Appointing impartial investigators who have no personal or professional bias is crucial. This ensures objectivity and fairness in gathering evidence and reaching conclusions.


Prompt action is essential to demonstrate a commitment to addressing allegations promptly. Delays can undermine the credibility of the investigation and erode trust among employees.

Comprehensive documentation

Accurate and detailed documentation of all stages of the investigation is critical. This includes recording interviews, collecting evidence, and maintaining a clear trail of decision-making processes.

Support for all parties

Providing support and guidance to both the complainant and the accused throughout the investigation process is crucial. Ensuring that employees have access to counselling or employee assistance programs can help alleviate the emotional strain associated with such situations.

By implementing rigorous investigation procedures, HR can ensure fairness, transparency, and a safe working environment for all employees.

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  • Steven Hemsley
    Steven Hemsley
    Tue, 11 Jul 2023 12:16pm BST
    BBC HR, rigorous? Don't make me laugh! BBC HR are no better than 90% of the HR out there, but of course with the size of the department, and all the funding they have as a PSB, they of course should be. In all my time at the BBC I encountered the HR department just three times:

    When I joined; they dealt with all the paperwork remotely, but that was it. No-one from HR was at any of my interviews. If they had been, then maybe the line management I worked under wouldn't have conned me into accepting a poorly paying shift based job that had no training, no promotions and no pay rises.

    When I left; it was HR themselves that screwed me out of a month's salary by unilaterally shortening my notice period at very last minute without consultation. No, they were not "doing me a favour".

    And just before I left when I had finally launched a grievance against my line management regarding how I was sold a pup when I first started. Of course HR immediately sided with the managers, and I had to call in the union. I got a much better offer from elsewhere before that all came to a head, but frankly I almost regret leaving as there was part of me that really wanted to show them the error of their ways.

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