World Wellbeing Week | How do we define 'meaningful, purposeful work' for employees?

How do we define 'meaningful, purposeful work' for employees?

Wellbeing is a hot topic in all workplaces, and it's likely you have Wellbeing Champions. But wellbeing is the work of every member of staff, not just those 'designated' to be supporting workers' mental and physical health.

The focus for World Wellbeing Week 2023 is 'to celebrate the many aspects of wellbeing, from meaningful, purposeful work to financial security, physical, mental and emotional health, social resilience and empathic corporate and civic leadership, community relations and care for the environment.' But what does meaningful, purposeful work really mean, and how can we achieve that feeling for staff at all levels?

As a topic in the recent HR Tech webinar series hosted by HR Grapevine, speaker Daisy Abbott from Unwind, who has spent ten years working in mental health and wellbeing, defined the role of a wellbeing champion, saying: "Champion groups began as a collective of passionate people. When I first started I could see there were people championing the topic on a small scale. Over the last ten years there has been investment in those groups, and formal training, and now the question is, if we are investing in those, what’s the impact on the individual?"

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