Hot and bothered | How UK offices can cope with the heat this summer

How UK offices can cope with the heat this summer

You might think it’s too soon to start thinking about working in the summer, but you’d be wrong. Andrew Marr, an LBC presenter, has warned we should all start preparing for soaring temperatures in the UK this summer. "This year is forecast to be hotter than last year,” Marr explained, “and last year was the fifth or sixth hottest year on record. Remember the out of control fires around London, remember the older people with heat stroke, the parched parks and fields, the hosepipe bans?” 'Science can now tell us when these things are coming months ahead. So we really need to use it and be more prepared from... emergency services right down to what crops to plant." "Well this year we have El Nino," continued Marr, "a huge weather shift in ocean temperatures and...

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