'Get Sh*t Done' | Revolut enlists psychologists to root out toxic culture - will it work?

Revolut enlists psychologists to root out toxic culture - will it work?

UK-based fintech Revolut has had a busy few years. Rising from a plucky start-up seeking to disrupt perhaps one of the oldest institutions in the world, the company has spent the seven years since its inception steadily transforming into a financial powerhouse.

Of course, that success has come at a price. We’ve all heard about ‘start-up culture’ in which an unwritten rule exists between worker and company. This equates to, work hard for long hours, and when we’ve dominated the market, you’ll be rewarded. There’s also the unconventional appeal of a startup culture.

Often rooted in community and teamwork, united under a shared mission and purpose that many find invigorating; the start-up world is not without its allures for those who are willing to sacrifice other parts of their lives.

Yet, the world has changed. Even younger workers – once the beating heart of ‘start-up culture’ – have revolted against the notion that keeping a sleeping bag under your desk is anything other than depressing.

Look at Elon Musk’s rather hostile takeover of Twitter, for example. He expected to be able to treat the company like a start-up on the verge of success, only to find that his workers didn’t want to sacrifice everything else in their lives just to enact his vision. They left in droves, perplexing the workaholic Musk.

So back to Revolut. For years, the firm has garnered a reputation for allegedly glorifying working to the point of burnout. The firm historically gained infamy for a sign in its office which reads “Get Sh*t Done”. This, it seems, has been Revolut’s mantra for its seven years in business.

The ‘culture’ section of the firm’s website is also very revealing. Whereas other companies may use this space to emphasise its ethics and drive for wellbeing, Revolut instead boasts "the bar is very high, and we evaluate people accurately, not kindly".

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