'Flying for all' | Why this airline is training every single employee in DE&I

Why this airline is training every single employee in DE&I

Every member of staff of UK’s largest regional airline will receive diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) training over the next six months.

Once thought to be just the remit of managers, DE&I has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years and today most companies have some kind of policy in place or action plan to carry out that will improve employee wellbeing across the workforce.

Loganair appears to have gone one step further by heavily investing in a training programme to be rolled out to not just leadership, but all employees. That’s around 800 people.

A remarkable £300,000 is destined for HR teams to deliver in-person training as part of the company’s ‘Flying’s For All’ DE&I strategy which will see employees embark on a three-hour learning session about protected characteristics, while examining cases and rehearsing real life scenarios.

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