Exclusive Q&A | Lord Price on how to improve staff wellbeing

Lord Price on how to improve staff wellbeing

What’s it like being the founder of a company focused entirely on wellbeing in the workplace?

We talk to Lord Price, the mastermind behind one such organisation, WorkL, and delve a little deeper into the results of his Employee Experience Report, to find out how HR can improve engagement and wellbeing at work.

Which achievements are you most proud of this year in your own company?

Three things: a hybrid model that works, continuing development for young members of the team and we’ve integrated new people really well.

Most people come in on the same days so we get all the team together. We have regular weekly and monthly updates and a monthly celebration so we hold events throughout the year where the team can get together and feed back. It’s about being really thoughtful about how we spend our time in the office and also how the management team keeps in contact with people whether they are in work or at home. Communication has been key with hybrid working.

How has confidence in management changed?

Our data shows confidence in management went up in the first lockdown; there was a view that management did a really good job at communicating and helping people through it. Then it dropped down and remained pretty constant but much higher than pre-pandemic. What our research would say is that by and large, people feel management has done a good job.

It has slightly changed over the last three or four months because of more concerns around pay and hours. People are looking to management to do something.

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