'Facing headwinds' | Beyond Meat chief's 'biting' scandal adds to firm's struggles

Beyond Meat chief's 'biting' scandal adds to firm's struggles
Beyond Meat chief's 'biting' scandal adds to firm's struggles

American-based meat alternative brand, Beyond Meat, has been under fire lately not for one, but for multiple accusations surrounding the former Chief Operating Officer and many employee layoffs.

However, with sustainability, vegan and vegetarian consumers on the rise, questions do come to mind. One crucial question is: will there be a future for the business of Beyond Meat?...

Named the ‘biting incident’, Beyond Meat’s former Chief Operating Officer, Douglas Ramsey, has gained attention for his highly questionable actions.

Ramsey, who was based in the US region of Arkensas, was recently charged and suspended from the vegan food company, allegedly due to an altercation in which he was accused of physically biting a man’s nose.

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Mark Reilly, the Finance and Data Management at TBA, expressed: “The obvious irony of a COO of a fake meat company chewing on a man’s nose.”

He adds: “He was trying to find a way to take a bite out of the competition?”

It gets worse

One may assume that a business under such scruitiny after such a controversial case, an in an industry known for abhoring cruelty of any kind would issue a comprehensive statement addressing the issue and acknowledging the fundmantal issues raised, right?

In this case, the answer is, unfortunately not.

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