Show me the money | Is this turning off job candidates?

Is this turning off job candidates?

New research has revealed the biggest gripes facing jobseekers, with almost half (48%) claiming that no salary or a lack of clarity on job adverts is the biggest bug bear in the recruitment process.

The survey, which was conducted by Adzuna, also found that seven in ten (69%) Brits think that organisations need to be more transparent on their job adverts, with one-third (31%) believing that salary transparency should be the top priority on job postings.

Transparency of salary was deemed to be even more important than the job role itself (18%), the location (11%), or any work benefit schemes (seven per cent) – figures which certainly for make an interesting read for HR professionals.

An industry-wide issue

A lack of salary transparency is an industry-wide problem though some sectors appear to be doing better than others in this area.

Charity and voluntary jobs (88%) are the most transparent, followed by social work (76%) and manufacturing (75%).

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