Salary transparency | Can TikTok transform the grey area of pay?

Can TikTok transform the grey area of pay?

For many people across the globe, posting on social media is a daily routine or a means to share their life. Indeed, social media and overall media outlets impact people in so many different ways, such as motivating, helping, changing and on and on. However, do we share too much or not enough?

At some point in our life, we have probably heard the idiom: “sharing is caring.”

Indeed, everyone shares something in their lives in some way or form. However, when it comes to salary this situation turns into a different case.

Yes, making money is, without a doubt, a hustle these days with many things happening every day.

For instance, a counter Manager at Sales, Charlemagne Prokopyshyn, stated: “I have a clause in my contract that forbids me from disclosing anything about my pay or I can be sued. We can't even discuss amongst colleagues or we face the sack.” She adds: “Many financial institutions and traditional corporate firms are the same.”

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Despite these difficulties, Gen Z specifically is taking on a new trend on social media to share their salaries.

In fact, younger generations are pushing for pay transparency- the practice of openly sharing salary with others.

The main aim is to empower others to share their pay and clear the air of the taboo associated with sharing one’s pay as a problem.

TikTok jumps to the rescue

TikTok has its fair share of controversies. But this social media platform has created a means to share for all.

Hannah Williams, an American creator on TikTok with one great mission of learning: “What do you do and how much do you make?”

Williams, 25, is the founder of Salary Transparent Street - a TikTok account with over 850,000 followers and 16.7m likes. She also is part of Gen Z that aims to discuss their career journey and be open about their salary.

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Williams, states: “This isn't a thing that people talk about, but it should be. This should be normal and the more I learned about the gender pay gap and race pay gaps I was like, 'this has to be a thing - and my response to that was to create Salary Transparent Street.”

Floor Martens, a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Inspired Human, put forth: “I believe so far only a small group of people benefitted from not sharing… Agree, time for a change and love it that Gen Z is taking the lead.”

Overall, the TikTok scene and Gen Z advocacy are turning heads in the right direction and inspiring others to share their pay as well.

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