'They've lost control' | Gov 'gambling with economy', Asda chairman warns

Gov 'gambling with economy', Asda chairman warns

Since the announcement of the mini-budget by Kwarteng, it would be an understatement to say this week has been nothing but fluctuations and filled with responses from businesses. Also, the pound hitting a record low against the dollar hasn’t helped this week to ease into a better light. For a while, the terms ‘economy’, ‘pound’, ‘mini-budget’ and ‘living cost’ has been filling the agenda for businesses all over the UK. To add to these terms, many economists and businesses have raised concerns over the turbulence that the overall UK economy is currently facing. In fact, Sir Stuart Rose, Chairman of Asda and former Chief Executive of Marks and Spencer, has reported that the government is gambling with the UK’s economic future. Also,...

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