Tesco, Amazon & more | UK's most in-demand employers revealed

UK's most in-demand employers revealed

The UK has a vast market that encompasses many different business areas, such from retail to the private sector to digital agencies and so much more. With this in mind, there is a large amount of time and input invested in UK businesses to gain new employees and manage employee retention.

Searching for a job on the market is a hustle with so many options, industries and areas to choose from and look into. Businesses without a doubt, want to rank on the high end of recognition and searches. However, new research reveals the top searched jobs and careers on Google and it may take the past traditional job seekers by surprise.

Data presented to City A.M. uncovers that the top searches in the UK context to work for and Tesco is ranked as the highest with the most popular searches. In fact, Tesco the multinational supermarket has more than 362,000 searches a month on average for openings. There are additionally, on average, 232,000 searches a month for ‘Tesco jobs’ and 130,000 a month for ‘Tesco careers’.

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These searches make the company currently the most popular and in demand in the UK market with more than 150,000 searches.

Ritchie Mehta, the CEO of School of Marketing stated in regards to these results: “It’s clear where the interest in the private sector job market lies now, and it’s in supermarkets.”

“Additionally, some supermarkets are much more popular for job prospects than others,” he added

Which companies are the top searched and what does this reveal about the future?

Coming in second place was Amazon with more than 184,000 searches a month for ‘Amazon jobs’ and more than 12,000 monthly searches for ‘Amazon careers’. The e-commerce giant had an average of 196,000 searches a month for Amazon opportunities by people in the UK.

On the other hand, the third and fourth companies that ranked in the top 10 reveal a particular trend in the UK market searches and job opportunities, which is with supermarkets. The third company searched the most was Asda with 138,000 searches a month for openings and the fourth was Sainsbury’s with 111,000 monthly searches for ‘Sainsbury's jobs’.

Royal Mail came in fifth place as one of three entries in this study that aren’t supermarkets. On average, there are 116,000 searches a month for ‘Royal Mail jobs’.

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What this study suggests for employers and future searches is that major companies are the top-ranked at the moment. As a matter of fact, the CEO of School of Marketing’s Mehta added: “With major brands at the top of many people’s minds when they begin a job search, smaller businesses need to work harder to find and attract skilled employees.”

However, one way to become more effective and take action to gain increased recognition within the UK market is with the Apprenticeship Levy scheme.

Overall, new research within the UK shows a fundamental leaning towards supermarkets and ultimately with major brand names from Tesco to Asda to Primark and the list goes on.

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