Employee exit | Do your staff want to leave due to this?

Do your staff want to leave due to this?
Do your staff want to leave due to this?

New research has revealed that one-quarter (25%) of UK workers are considering leaving their current job within the next year, citing job dissatisfaction as the main reason for this.

This is according to data from job and careers site, Reed.co.uk, which also found that a further 18% of UK workers are undecided on whether they planned to leave or not.

Why employees want to leave

The statistics shed light on some of the top reasons employees may consider jumping ships, with “I don’t enjoy my current job” ranking as the main reason (30%).

Looking for more

The desire to have an “increased salary” (29%) followed closely behind which is perhaps unsurprising given the cost-of-living crisis which is impacting so many households currently.

A dislike of the culture at their current workplace (19%) was also another reason for workers considering to move on.

The main cause of job dissatisfaction

As the survey identified, job dissatisfaction was cited as one of the main reasons for employees wanting to leave. But, what appears to be the root cause of this?

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