Exclusive interview | The inside scoop on Adobe's 'employee-centric' culture

The inside scoop on Adobe's 'employee-centric' culture

If you have ever had to electronically sign a PDF document (whether for work or for something in your personal life), the chances are that this was done using Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Yet, Acrobat Sign is just one of the notable products within Adobe’s prolific portfolio. Others, particularly those in creative circles, will be familiar with the likes of Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

Whichever of the above products you might be most familiar with, Adobe is a brand that has been around for years (it was founded in 1982). It has its headquarters in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), which is home to multiple other tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and eBay) and has more than 28,000 employees globally (according to the company website).

Adobe is a globally-recognised brand and one with a diverse product and service offering. But, in order to be commercially successful, and satisfy consumer demands, having a culture that values staff and puts them first is imperative.

As Adecco (one of the largest recruitment companies worldwide) puts it on its blog: "Aside from attraction, a positive, visible, and embedded culture which is embraced at all levels in the organisation can improve retention too — employees that feel part of a company’s culture and aligned with its values are more likely to feel satisfied and motivated in their work, and want to stay."

A people-focused approach to company culture

HR Grapevine spoke with Suzanne Steele, VP & MD, Adobe UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa, about the culture at the tech firm.

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