L&D | These are the top questions being asked about training at work

These are the top questions being asked about training at work

Learning and development (L&D) is mutually beneficial for both staff and the business. For employees, L&D gives them the opportunity to learn more, upskill and excel in their position.

For employers, L&D can be a great way to keep employee morale and engagement up, boost retention, and tackle any growing skills gaps – all of which can result in multiple benefits for the business.

Whilst this is a crucial aspect of work, new research has suggested that HR may need to improve communication in this area, with the data showing that staff is turning to Google to get answers to some its most pressing training-related questions.

Employee training

Some of the most frequent questions about employee training arose from uncertainty around who pays for the training, what training and development seeks to achieve, and whether employees get paid for the time they spend attending training.

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