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Unleashing The Financial Impact of Diversity and Inclusion
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Your business could perform 25% better than your competitors if you improve diversity and inclusion in your workforce.

Many businesses still believe Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) to be a low priority topic, a ‘nice to have’ rather than an ‘essential’. However, since a ground-breaking study conducted by McKinsey in 2015 and 2018, and Opportunity Now and Shapiro Consulting’s study in 2011, produced results showing the impact D&I has on financial gain, productivity, motivation and innovation, we can argue that D&I is not a low priority at all, and your competitors are growing more aware of this as well.

The topic of D&I has been discussed, debated, and theorised more and more in recent years, and for good reason. With the UK’s economy now more demanding than ever, with budgets having to be stretched further, corporate social responsibility guidelines being stricter, and the wellbeing, productivity and retention of employees being pivotal to an organisation’s profits, implementing D&I practices has shown to play a significant role in aiding organisations to outperform competitors. What better way to invest than ensuring performance, efficiency and opportunity is maximised through the financial impact of a diverse and inclusive organisation?

Do you want to see an increase of 84% in motivation of your employees? Would you like 81% greater engagement and loyalty? 86% more innovation and creativity? Come and join MPP!

Harnessing the benefits of D&I may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. EA Inclusion and Distinctive Learning specialise in providing actionable and research-based solutions to your D&I journey, with a vast portfolio of successful case studies and testimonials showing the impact our solutions have had on our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner Training

After another successful cohort of Diversity and Inclusion practitioners face their graduation, met with the pride from colleagues, employers, family and friends, we are delighted to announce that Registration is now open for the Autumn intake for our Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner Training programmes.

These programmes provide professionalised learning, to ensure you and your colleagues are in the elite group of Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, Sustainability and Leadership professionals who have completed the Master Practitioner Programme (MPP).
There is also an option to join at Foundation level and see how far you can take this, surrounded by innovative lecturers and speakers, bringing this topic to life, and helping you to develop your full potential to impact your business.

Programmes include:

  • D&I Practitioner (Foundation)

  • D&I Practitioner

  • D&I Master Practitioner

  • D&I Executive Leadership

The programmes provide you with the tools and methodologies you need to ensure that:

  • All the work you do in this space is recognised and impactful

  • You can effectively measure the Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Create long lasting cultural change internally and externally

  • Develop your skills as a formidable practitioner in the world of Diversity & Inclusion

Will this training be right for me and my organisation?

These programmes are for you if:

  • You are highly motivated to build and develop your skills as a D&I practitioner

  • Want to create a network of colleagues and peers who can help and support you

  • You want to be able to tangibly measure the financial return and impact of your work and initiatives around D&I. (Award winning ROI* methodology)

  • You want to understand how your D&I agenda can influence the future and how it can impact at every level of the organisation.

  • You to learn the skills and methodologies to enable a positive and inclusive culture in your organisation.

What have others said about this training?

“Having been an inclusion practitioner for over 20 years, it has been an absolute pleasure to share experience and knowledge as one of the course lecturers. Layering theory with the practical application of multiple business as usual and crisis case studies. Watching the students grow and develop their confidence in strategy writing, evidencing financial impact of their function, recognising their own value as a business imperative and enjoying their development is a pleasure.

The interaction between students from all around the world, from private, public and third sectors and how they approach challenges together, and share their knowledge is a unique environment of trust, authenticity and learning. Having worked with many challenging boards, leaders and employees over the years, I would strongly encourage professionals in the subjects of inclusion, diversity, behaviour, culture and sustainability to join this programme for an immersive and practical experience, which students have described as ‘life changing’” – Dawn Hurst, CEO, EA Inclusion

What others say

“The MPP is like neuro gymnastics! In the first module I was challenged, surprised, emotional and exhausted. I didn’t recognise how much this would be about me – and that’s not always a comfortable place for me – but wow, what a change it has made already to my personal impact and application of my personal expertise. Dawn and Craig have this fantastic ability to squeeze every drop of potential out of you, and you quickly realise you’re already applying the learning after day one and benefitting from it. It’s been like having my eyes opened to the possibilities.” - Shelley Caton, Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, BAM

“Having just completed the first full 2 days of the D&I Master Practitioner Programme, I am excited for our future modules together. Despite being virtual instead of face to face, the content shared in the first module was the perfect blend of informative, challenging and applicable to work. It provided some a-ha moments that will not be forgotten!” – Esther Basra, Group Learning Manager, Tesco

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