Don't Slack | Slack's UK VP on how to boost morale - and productivity

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Slack's UK VP on how to boost morale - and productivity

The link between employee morale, engagement and productivity has been proven beyond doubt in myriad studies and meta studies – so why are micromanagers still a thing? Slack’s Area VP for the UK shares her secrets for treating people like people and helping the bottom line in the process...

A 2006 study into the correlation between morale and productivity showed a pretty much linear link – but interestingly, found further that it was a company culture of support, hard work, achievement and trust that produced the best results and happiest employees.

From the study abstract by The University of New South Wales: “The [study] results show that morale influences productivity in an approximately linear fashion. The effect of morale on productivity appears to be larger when management regards product quality as important and attempts to develop a corporate ethic and culture. Morale is associated with greater work effort, but the relationship between work effort and productivity becomes stronger at higher levels of morale. Thus, part of the influence of morale on productivity is a matter of increasing the effectiveness of workers’ efforts.”

A 2017 Gallup poll and subsequent study also found that organisations with highly engaged workers have 41% less absenteeism and up to 21% higher profitability than other similar companies.

But, how do you boost morale and make employees feel heard? Deirdre Byrne, Area Vice President, Slack UK, believes that when teams are motivated to do their best work, and inspired to share positive experiences, everyone wins. She also believes that satisfaction, motivation, and purpose are what many employees lack.

“Employees who feel a sense of connection to their work, teammates, partners and organisation don’t just show up for their 9–5,” she told HR Grapevine. “They look forward to the opportunity, are resilient in the face of challenges and exceed goals faster.”

To increase morale, it’s important to ensure people can enjoy their evenings and spend time on themselves or their families

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