Houdini | In 2022, it's workers, not dates, who ghost the most

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In 2022, it's workers, not dates, who ghost the most

With the Great Resignation, a looming recession and the power balance finally starting to shift in workers’ favour, a new trend has emerged: new hire ghosting...

As if it weren't hard enough to find a candidate who's a great fit and wants to work for you, HRDs now have a new trend with which to contend: new hires simply not turning up. Lest you believe this is just a flash in the pan, sit up and take note – data from US-based Visier Group reported that 84% of adults have ghosted either a current or potential employer.

The data gets even weirder: the higher the position, the more likely a candidate is to ghost, or to just walk out one day and never return – 99% of senior VPs have done it, as well as 96% of C-suite staff. The study figures also show that men are far more likely to ghost than women (90% for men, 68%) for women – unsurprising behaviour when you consider that most study results have found men more likely to cheat than to leave an unhappy relationship. Conflict avoidance at super senior levels, though, has left thousands of would-be employers baffled.

Applying, going through the interview process, being offered the role, and then on their planned first day, they just…don't show up

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