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Don't have a foreign visa sponsor licence? You're behind the competition

Skilled Worker visas for EU workers increased rapidly in the past year despite Brexit, according to Home Office figures released in March. If your company is struggling, perhaps the answer to your woes lies in a pre-Brexit immigration approach...

The talent shortage is the top of most HR departments’ woes, and unfortunately, despite best efforts, it is abating at a snail’s pace. While internal training, education and promotion remain the best long-term fix, welcoming foreign talent to your company shores is a viable and smart solution – not only does immigration stimulate the economy, but as has been proven inarguably that diversity improves the bottom line and company culture. Now, various companies across sectors in the UK widening their talent pool by searching through the immigration sector.

Obviously, immigration and emigration of both Brits to other countries and EU skilled talent to our ports almost completely stopped over the past two years. But in 2021 and 2022, the number of émigrés jumped, as did the number of Skilled Worker visas issued by the Home Office. This will be due to the increase in applications from companies seeking to sponsor worker visas.

Visas by number

According to analysis of Home Office numbers by law firm Evershed Sutherland, the number of skilled worker visas granted Q4 2021 alone rose 131% from Q4 2020 – meaning at least 25,555 skilled workers helped companies tackle the issues caused by Brexit and the Great Resignation.

From a statement by Evershed Sutherland: “While figures for EU workers are not available per sector the industry bringing in the most Skilled Workers from overseas was Human Health and Social Work, which recruited 29,128 people on Skilled Worker visas in 2021. This reached its highest levels yet in Q4 2021 at 8,990 - a 48% year on year increase (Q4 2020, 6,064).

Information and Communications was the second highest recruiting industry for foreign Skilled Worker visas (YoY: 230%), followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (YoY: 216%), Financial and Insurance (2021, 6,961 and Q4 2021 2,192 YoY 204%), Education (2021, 4,172 and Q4 2021 1,232 YoY 115%) and Manufacturing (2021, 3,127 and Q4 2021 1,025 YoY 302%).”

Having a sponsor license helps businesses to remain competitive

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