'Dan from HR' | Viral TikTok star highlights HR's biggest blunders

Viral TikTok star highlights HR's biggest blunders

An HR professional has gone viral with his takes on TikTok about how HR issues should be handled – rather than how they often are in real life.

Known as @dan_from_hr, Daniel Space, a New Yorker, currently has over 123,000 followers on TikTok. His website states that he has over two decades worth of experience in HR, working for big media, entertainment and tech companies.

He works as a senior HR business partner and consultant, offering advice on everything from resumes to salary negotiations.

His most recent TikTok video looked at how managers should react when a staff member hands in their notice. As every employee knows, resigning can be a nerve-racking experience – but Dan says it shouldn’t be.

In his video, he acts out the correct response from a manager to a resigning employee, beginning with congratulating the imaginary employee on their new position, telling them they’ll be missed, and moving on to explaining that there’s nothing to worry about regarding their work or the transition.

“Please keep in touch, please let us know if there's anything we can do,” Dan, acting as the imaginary manager, says.

“We'd love to celebrate your success, but we want to respect your privacy. If you'd like to tell us about your job or your position, we would all just love to celebrate you."

He finishes by saying: “It is an honour for me to see how far you've come, and this is so well-deserved. I hope you got a significant raise and a big title, and I hope you keep in touch."

This video received a huge response from Dan’s viewers, all keen to share the less-than-positive responses to handing in their notice they’d had from their own managers.

One of Dan’s viewers, angiee, wrote: “Hahahahahaha my last employer threw a card at me and put down cupcakes in front of me and locked themselves in their office while glaring at me,” Buzzfeed reports.

Another, KB, said: “My last job made me sign a document saying I’d never come back when I gave my two weeks.”

Some TikTok viewers described Dan’s video as healing, according to BuzzFeed. One, Dallas Cooper said: “My leadership team didn’t speak to me. This was healing.”

Dan is, of course, correct – moving on from a job is part of every employee’s personal development, and often the best way of gaining more experience and a better salary and job title, and thus resigning should be treated respectfully by employers.

Dan told BuzzFeed that, in his experience, however, many managers lack “grace, gratitude and dignity” when an employee hands in their notice, resulting in the process becoming “potentially traumatising” for employees.

He added that he believes some managers think that resignations are a negative reflection of their management style. “I think managers aren't trained or encouraged to recognize that these events should be celebrated, and not feared or negative,” he explained to BuzzFeed.

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“It takes some self-awareness and growth to realize that an employee resigning isn't always a negative reflection (though certainly that's also the case sometimes), but more so just a natural result of the transactional relationships of employment."

Dan points out that it’s important for managers to maintain “open dialogues with their employees about their growth and opportunities” – even if that may be outside the company. Although some managers may find that hard, HR professionals know that employees who don’t have a clear plan for their own growth within the company may start to look outside it.

Ironically, though, as Dan says, managers who have these conversations with their staff are less likely to lose them. “Seeing that someone truly cares about us and our growth enough that they are willing to lose us on their team in order for us to thrive ironically makes us not necessarily want to leave them,” he told BuzzFeed.

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