PODCAST | How has hybrid changed the employer-employee power balance?

How has hybrid changed the employer-employee power balance?
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The coronavirus pandemic sparked a step change in working structures, with many employers now embracing a hybrid model of work that enables staff to flex between working from the office and from home.

Which is why in this special edition of the podcast – and as part of a series we are bringing you in partnership with Actual Experience – Sophie Parrott, Editor of myGrapevine, sits down with Dave Page, Chief Executive Officer at Actual Experience and Andrew Bibby, Chief Executive Officer at 87%, to talk about whether this shift to hybrid working has changed the balance of power between employers and employees.

In this episode, we discuss the reason behind the power-balance shift – something which could largely attributed to the ‘Great Resignation’ and the move to hybrid work, meaning that staff aren’t tied by location – and how employers can identify and solve wellbeing issues within a hybrid or remote workforce.

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