UNLIMITED paid leave | Bumble introduces raft of new employee benefits to fight burnout

Bumble introduces raft of new employee benefits to fight burnout

Dating app firm Bumble has announced it will allow its employees to take unlimited paid time off as part of a huge push towards boosting workplace wellbeing.

The company announced the new perk – alongside a raft of other updated employee benefits across both Bumble and Badoo – in a recent LinkedIn post.

According to the BBC, it is understood that the unlimited holiday is contingent on employees still managing to complete their work, and providing that their manager approves it.

‘Work Where You Are’

Other policies announced by the dating app firm included a minimum of half a year’s paid leave for new parents following the birth, adoption, or surrogacy of a child and a “Work Where You Are” policy.

This will mean that the firm’s 700-strong workforce will be free to work from home or from one of several co-working spaces, instead of being made to return to the office.

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“As long as each Bumble employee is working in their country of employment, they’re free to work from home, or from one of a number of co-working spaces that will be made available.

“Existing offices in the US, UK, Spain, and Russia will be used as collaborative spaces,” the company said in the announcement.

‘A reflection of what matters’

Bumble Inc. President, Tariq Shaukat, said: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the way that we work, and need to work, has changed.

“Our new policies are a reflection of what really matters, and how we can best support our teams in both their work and life.”

In addition to this, other benefits included a minimum of four weeks of flexible work to transition back after welcoming a child and a minimum of 12 weeks of paid leave each calendar year to care for a family member.

The news of Bumble’s updated employee benefits comes shortly after Bumble temporarily closed its offices in June for a week to help combat workplace stress and burnout. The dating and networking group’s leadership has announced it will now make this company-wide break permanent—as well as adding another week off, so all employees are able to take advantage of an extended holiday twice a year.

At the time, a Bumble Spokesperson told Sky News: "Like everyone, our global team has had a very challenging time during the pandemic.

"As vaccination rates have increased and restrictions have begun to ease, we wanted to give our teams around the world an opportunity to shut off and focus on themselves for a week,” they added.

Burnout & the workforce

The previous news of Bumble’s temporary closure would likely have been welcome news as many employees have struggled with burnout amid the coronavirus crisis.

In May 2020, data from LinkedIn’s Glint found that burnout had doubled from March (2.7%) to April (5.4%), while research from the RSA’s Matthew Taylor and Vitality found that multiple lockdowns have worsened employee physical and mental health.

Seperately, Marcus Beaver, UKI Country Leader at Alight Solutions, said: “Burnout is real, and businesses which take care of employees will reap the rewards in the long-run. Our recent research shows that one-third (31%) are working an average of nearly one extra day per week.

“Rapacious organisations will end up losing the best talent and will inevitably tank. But those who show they care about their employees will flourish in the long-run,” Beaver concluded.

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