Coming home - but not to work | Today could be RECORD DAY of sickness after Euros semi-final victory

Today could be RECORD DAY of sickness after Euros semi-final victory

An employment lawyer has said that today could be a record sick day after England’s Harry Kane-inspired Euro 2020 victory against Denmark at Wembley.

For those watching Gareth Southgate’s England heroes – who go into Sunday’s final and past Denmark courtesy of an own goal and a Harry Kane penalty – they might now be nursing a sore head after nearly seven million pints were sunk last night, according to figures from hospitality organisations.

It lead Simon Robinson, Employment Solicitor at law firm Robinson Ralph, to tell the i: “I do think tomorrow will be a record sick day – until next Monday, that is.”

He added that the sheer number of people who celebrated last night could be causing a headache for employers right now.

Robinson also explained to the national news outlet that fans could trip themselves up by ‘throwing a sickie’ today with businesses well within their rights to fire an employee for pretending to be ill after a heavy night out.

“If you’ve got a business of 100 people and 50 call in sick tomorrow, then you’re probably going to think: ‘Well, at least some of those have been malingering,’” said Robinson.

“But even then, employers mustn’t assume – employers to be to have a reasonable investigation, not jump to conclusions, and to think very carefully before they make a snap decision in terms of employees.”

He recommended that employers should look at their staff’s social media pages, check whether other colleagues have seen them out and about as part of Euros celebrations, and look at their absence history before making a decision.

“Under the circumstances, there will be a lot of employers who will be reasonable, and maybe allow staff to take the whole day or a half day off tomorrow,” Robinson added.


However, some employees are going about taking time off in response to England’s victory the right way.

According to data from HR technology company Breathe, holiday requests spiked during and after last Saturday’s match in anticipation of winning last night (and needing today off) and going into Sunday’s final.

In fact, according to their data almost three in ten holiday requests for the day after Sunday’s final relate to England’s performance, with a significant number of those coming right after the match.

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Jonathan Richards, CEO at Breathe, said that this was a good thing and HR and line managers might not be minded to reject them.

He added: “Following the Euros semi-final last night, there’s no doubt there will be some sore heads this morning. After such a challenging year, it’s great to have sporting events such as the football to look forward to.

“Logging out of emails and shutting the door on the home office is hugely beneficial to avoid burnout. Whether that’s a few days leave to recuperate, or a day to nurse the hangover, it’s hugely important and beneficial to people’s mental health to recharge.

“I strongly believe this is an area where managers should lead by example, demonstrating to the team that it’s ok to book time off and foster a great company culture,” he added.

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