'Give staff a break' | Bumble closes ENTIRE business for week to tackle 'collective burnout'

Bumble closes ENTIRE business for week to tackle 'collective burnout'

The dating app Bumble has closed for one week to give its circa 700-strong workforce a needed break to destress and recharge.

According to Sky News, in a now-deleted tweet, the employer’s head of content praised the firm’s Chief Executive Whitney Wolfe Herd’s decision to give staff this paid time off.

Writing on Twitter, Clare O’Connor said that company heads had “correctly intuited our collective burnout”.

She added that the break feels like a “big deal” since annual leave is “notoriously scarce” in the US.

Staff working for the dating app, where women make the first move, are said to be back at work from June 28.

Rosanna Sacks, Bumble Spokeswoman confirmed the week off to Sky News.

"Like everyone, our global team has had a very challenging time during the pandemic.

"As vaccination rates have increased and restriction have begun to ease, we wanted to give our teams around the world an opportunity to shut off and focus on themselves for a week,” she added.

HR Grapevine has contacted Bumble for comment.

Burnout & the pandemic

News of this week-long holiday for Bumble staff will likely be welcome news as many employees have struggled with burnout amid the coronavirus crisis.

In May 2020, data from LinkedIn’s Glint found that burnout had doubled from March (2.7%) to April (5.4%).

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Separate research from RSA’s Matthew Taylor and Vitality found that multiple lockdowns have worsened employee physical health and mental health.

As such, employers have deployed initiatives to help combat pandemic-related burnout and to help employees recharge.

Avoiding burnout

To give employees the opportunity to recharge and avoid burnout, LinkedIn previously gave its global workforce a paid week off work.

The time off - dubbed ‘RestUp’ - extended to the vast majority of the organisation’s 15,900 full-time workforce according to Yahoo! Sport.

In a previous interview with CNN Business, Teuila Hanson, Chief People Officer at LinkedIn, said: "We wanted to make sure we could give them something really valuable, and what we think is most valuable right now is time for all of us to collectively walk away."

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Whilst Bumble’s and LinkedIn’s additional time off is likely welcome news to staff, they are not the only organisations to have offered extra time off to rest and recharge amid the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Sam Thomas-Berry, Vice President HR, Kellogg’s Europe, explained that employees at Kellogg’s Europe were taking an extra day off work on March 19, 2021.

She previously told HR Grapevine: “When we’ve been listening to colleagues, one thing that keeps coming up is how it has become much harder to switch off when we’re working from home.

“…We wanted to offer everyone an extra day off to allow our teams the opportunity to rest and recharge," Thomas-Berry concluded.

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