‘We want happy employees’ | How Missguided boosted employee experience

How Missguided boosted employee experience

“Missguided is a global fashion powerhouse, inspired by Millennial women who are like-minded rebels that champion freedom of expression.”

This is the opening sentence on fashion retailer Missguided’s careers page on its website, where it also outlined its company purpose: “To empower all women by inspiring self confidence in mind, body and potential.”

It therefore may come as no surprise to hear that the global brand was keen to boost its employee experience particularly throughout the last year. 

With various studies pointing out the business benefits of a good employee experience, it’s clear that focussing on it is crucial for any organisation.

For example, the Happiness and productivity: Understanding the happy-productive worker report, pointed out that a positive employee experience breeds happy employees, and happy employees are up to 20% more productive.

Plus, when a positive employee experience is fostered within an organisation, employers will reap the business rewards, as Gallup data previously revealed that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

It’s therefore no wonder that Missguided has looked to continue to boost its own employee experience, as Marek Sadowski, HR Manager at the firm, told HR Grapevine: “People love working here, and we want happy employees.”

A new relationship

To achieve this, Missguided has been working with the software firm MHR for over four years in order to transform the company’s HR and payroll processes and to deliver a better employee experience.

In particular this has been beneficial throughout the last year amid the coronavirus crisis. As the majority of the workforce was predominantly remote pre-Covid because it is an online retailer, it seems that MHR’s processes were an ideal fit for the firm.

“Our business changes constantly and at speed, so we need our systems to adapt and change quickly too. MHR provides the HR function with the foundations to maintain a responsive and resilient workforce,” Sadowski claimed.

The firm decided to move to MHR’s iTrent Assist programme, which is an HR and payroll system, in April last year, which has proven to be even more suited to staff working from home. Sadowski continued: “We’ve had no problems at all with HR or payroll during times of remote working.”

Utilising tech to boost engagement

As a largely online business – however Missguided’s HQ is based in Manchester, while an office is also based in London, plus there are several stores and concessions throughout the UK – it means that using technology to the best of its ability is something the firm is accustomed to.

This means that MHR’s support allows the firm to stay flexible, particularly during uncertain times such as the pandemic year. In addition, Missguided managers and employees can access the MHR platform via a chatbot alongside self-service options, too. This gives each staff member access to check their pay and book time off, which Sadowski stated helps to boost engagement among the workforce.

“It keeps all our employees engaged, even more so right now. Also, it doesn’t take 15 hours of training like others HR or payroll platforms because it is so intuitive and simple which means it’s really easy to onboard our new starters,” Sadowski added.

Considering the numerous benefits that boosting employee experience can have on staff, such as productivity, innovation and retention, it’s clear that Missguided is on the right track to enhancing this within its organisation, with the help of MHR and its solutions.

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