'Make everyone feel good' | Boss' unusual offer to lower staff stress levels

Boss' unusual offer to lower staff stress levels

Employers may offer their staff various benefits that relate to their business. For example, Pets at Home allows its employees to take ‘Peternity Leave’ if they have a new dog or cat to settle in, while accommodation provider Airbnb gives each employee £1,400 upon joining the company that they can spend on, in more usual times, travelling the world.

Yet, one boss is making headlines with her not-quite-usual-HR way of allowing staff to take some time for them and let off steam.

This boss, Erika Lust, who heads up an adult entertainment company, has decided to offer her employees daily half an hour self-relief breaks - okay, masturbation breaks - after discovering that they had become ‘agitated’ throughout the lockdown period, in the hope it will “make everyone feel good”.

Lust hopes that it will ‘normalise’ self-relief, reported LadBible. Commenting on the move, Lust shared: “I value my employees and I know that when they feel good, we do good work.

“With the pandemic and the huge shift in how we live our lives, I began to notice that my employees had become somewhat agitated and were performing with less energy than before.

“So, knowing that there's only one thing that will make everyone feel good, I've set up a private masturbation station for them to enjoy.”

Although this isn't usual HR practise at all, it seems that Lust's employees are happy about the new initiative. In fact, the firm’s Head of Communications and Content, stated: “Picture this: a team of happy employees... being productive because they've had some time scheduled to make themselves feel good.

Lust is also calling on other employers to follow suit, as studies have revealed that her not-usual work wellbeing practice can release endorphins, which can help to relieve tension and stress – something many employees may be suffering from even more, as a result of lockdown.

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Whilst it is not likely that many in HR will push for this wellbeing tack, this move - to be more flexilble and allow more time for staff to build a working day around their personal needs is gaining traction.

Especially at a time when stress levels are rising.

In fact, the 2021 CIPD and Simply Health, Health and Wellbeing survey, found that 37% of respondents stated that stress-related absence had increased in the last year.

Meanwhile, research by LinkedIn in 2020 discovered that more than half of UK workers were feeling more anxious or stressed while working from home, indicating that HR teams need to tackle the concerns felt by their workforce.

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