Monzo | Firm to offer staff paid leave after pregnancy loss

Firm to offer staff paid leave after pregnancy loss

Fintech disruptor Monzo has followed in the recent footsteps of Channel 4 in offering paid leave for staff who have been affected by the loss of a pregnancy.

As part of the move, the well-known bank will give either partner up to ten days of paid leave if they lose a child due to miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth, regardless of where in the pregnancy timeline it occurs.

Speaking to the Guardian, the bank said: “This also includes colleagues who are partners or surrogate mothers, recognising that pregnancy loss doesn’t just affect women or heterosexual couples.”

It added that additional leave can be requested and approved by managers if staff feel they need more time to recover.

The new policy forms part of Monzo’s new ‘mental health drive’ following the departure of company founder Tom Blomfield, who stepped down from his leadership role in January following a battle with poor mental health, anxiety and stress.

It was rolled out across the company’s UK branches two months ago, and according to a report from The Guardian, will continue to expand across the company’s US operations within the next eight weeks.

Speaking on the move, Monzo People Experience Director, Tara Mansfield, noted that Monzo was additionally trying to recognise those who terminate their pregnancies. She said: "People need time to recover.”

The emphasis on helping employees who have experienced pregnancy loss has garnered much positive attention from advocacy groups such as the Miscarriage Association.

Upon hearing the news, Ruth Bender Atik, National Director of the association, told The Guardian: “People have been wanting for a long time for more understanding, and recognition of, the impact that that miscarriage or pregnancy loss can have, whether it’s miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy, or molar pregnancy, or termination for whatever reason.”

In addition to pregnancy loss policies, Monzo has also introduced eight days of paid fertility leave each year for those undergoing fertility treatment either themselves or with their partner.

The time can be used to rest after a procedure, to recover from emotional trauma or to attend fertility-related appointments and scans.

Channel 4 hopes to ‘end stigma’ with Pregnancy Loss Policy

The news comes just weeks after broadcaster Channel 4 confirmed that it is seeking to “end the stigma around women’s health issues by helping to normalise taboo subjects and make them more visible”.

Part of this was the launch of its new dedicated Pregnancy Loss Policy, which allows staff two weeks leave with full-pay, paid leave for medical appointments, flexible working and a buddy scheme to support staff returning back to work, as well as access to various resources such as medical support and counselling.

Writing on LinkedIn at the time, Kirstin Furber, People Director at Channel 4, said: “I am proud to have worked with the four women co-chairs to introduce this dedicated Pregnancy Loss Policy. A global first we believe, to support both our female and male employees through pregnancy loss.”

Image credit: Monzo Bank Limited

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