PODCAST SPECIAL | MBA founder on HR mindset & crisis management

MBA founder on HR mindset & crisis management

2020 has been quite the year. Outside of scientific circles, few people would have predicted a global pandemic.

However, as well as many other things, what the impact of coronavirus has done is installed in business leaders a sense that being prepared for uncertainty and resilient in the face of change is integral to the future function of their organisation.

What does this mean for HR? Does the mindset in the function need to change? Do they need to understand what future threats to business and people mean? And, how can they effectively manage this chaotic moment? To find out more, Daniel Cave, Head of Content sat down for an exclusive chat Q&A with James Berry, Founder of The UCL MBA at University College London to talk how his learnings from convening an MBA, and advising on threats after 9/11, can be applied to HR practise.

Listen to hear his exclusive insights in this must-listen podcast.

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